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Love In Life And Death

by Winnipeg, MN

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When I was young we played cricket in your garage, With tennis balls and a blue plastic bat. Your boat used to hang from the ceiling inside, I never got to sail it with you, but I'd have liked that. You used to do water colour paintings of flowers in your garden, Whilst I drew pictures of animals On beige coloured paper, with bright felt pen. I must have been five at the time, They hung in your study when you died. You'd cook me lunch with the radio on, Listening to Classic F.M., Whilst I crawled around your legs Collecting the pretend rubbish from the tiles in the toy skip lorry you got me. When I was young, we collected the apples From the grass underneath the tree in your garden before Summer. A water feature bubbled behind us with a spout shaped like a lion's head And a lark ascended from the rosebush to the left. ------------- Now you're gone And we Will never do Any of that again.
A feather you fall, into the heart of a furnace, You twist and contort, trying to fill it's shape. The logs burning low, find yourself next to a turnstile, You pay twenty pence, quivering like a toothache. ------------- Drown the ringing out I dare you. Treasure buried in quicksand, You sink down. ------------- In that weeping grave Icarus shed his feathers. The wax and the water never could properly mix. You collect them up, making the shape that his father did, Fixing them on, take to your wings and come home ------------- Drown the ringing out I dare you. Treasure buried in quicksand, You sink down.
Your watch battery died yesterday, in the middle of the night. The hands stopped moving and the face Stood still and glassed over. The internal workings deceased, The cogs have stopped turning. The leather grows weaker every day. The surface fades. It crinkles and cracks around the hole That is perpetually punctured by the buckle. The thing that holds it to me degrades As I access it over and over, Yet, I'm scared to take it off in case I lose it. Even though I knew that this would happen, I still didn't expect it. Not this soon. Not this silent. I convinced myself it would carry on forever, In perpetual motion At the edge of it's life.
Stars 03:54 video
All of the stars in the sky Are ones that have already died. Their light makes it's journey to earth In time measured but beyond comprehension. They're living on after the fact, Burning whilst also a husk, Smoldering pebbles of gods, Flickering, spluttering, down to us. And I've convinced myself I'll do the same thing. All of the stars in your eyes Will eventually die, I'll stay awake half the night Thinking of things to prolong their flight. I'm just so hungry for it And your just asleep all the time. I'm sorry for being a dick But I can;t make it sit right. All that we become Is the dying light of suns.
Storm Emma 05:09
As we lay here in silence, I search for comfort in how comfortable we are, Search in our bodies, That are draped over each other like ribbons ------------- Yesterday I spoke to a stranger He told me that the day before Two of his friends had frozen to death. I gave him twenty pounds so that he wouldn't die And I prayed to a god that I don't believe in That he wouldn't spend it on drugs or alcohol. I'm ashamed that I felt the need to pray. I try not to take this to heart, To play in the snow and not to remember But I can't help seeing the tips of their fingers Protrude through the top of the powder. No metaphor can describe how much The lives of those people were worth. Nothing can describe how much The lives of any of us are worth. As we lay here in silence, safe from the cold My brain is weeping My mind and my body secede Unable to understand the grief I feel. Will their gravestones bare a name? Will they even get gravestones? Or just jars of ash? Any memory to live on in but with those who will also die and be forgotten? ------------- Our bodies are draped over each other like ribbons We flap in the chill breeze of time passing us by And we must pray to the god that we don't believe in That we don't get left in the snow, Because anybody could.
Interlude 02:43
You've thrown it away Or they've let you down. In higher dreams Feet sweep the ground. All their smiles, They say it all. Your movement through a space... I know you'll be alright. You smile for hours, You stay up all night. Bid me a word, Before it takes me up, I'd like to say ...
As I walk through the door to your room The walls are flooded with pictures I sold you Of stony faced rebels with dinosaur bones, Peering out over their frames. I can't help but notice their eyes. History book drawings, flat faced and fettered, Icons reduced to a high margin sale, Printed out thousands of times. I move to sit down on your bed, Wading through soft sticky incense of images. You beckon me in with your Mona Lisa smile, The one I've seen selling me lies. You go lock the door and stand quiet, Finding such comfort in familiar faces You look to the pictures with a deafening awe And then the whole world disappears ------------- And there is nothing Except the fading Aeroplane trails of time. I am standing Behind the counter Watching you turn out the light. I say goodnight. ------------- As you walk through the door to my room The walls are sagging under sound that I'll sell you, Chip-board and stolen lines that I just Choose to ignore to get by. You walk up to me with your arms Full of celebrity faces and notes all recorded On out of date format that clings to the world . We occupy physical time. ------------- But there is nothing Except their eyes Staring at me on your bed. I am standing By the back room Waiting to turn out the light. -------------
I walk drunkenly through the road And I think about the way that My forearms feel On your stomach. Air from the sea smudged my eyes, Burrowed in deep. ------------- Salt water from them Rolls down my cheek Like condensation in a glass That was washed up two weeks ago, And turned on it's head and left, And forgotten ------------- I could never leave you And I'm afraid of this.
I sit on the train and I fly down the track Whilst others stream past in other directions. I look at the people so firmly rooted in their seats And I feel like I'm dissolving, sinking back into the pattern of the chair. ------------- I have no idea what I am doing. I feel weak to my core. I feel sick to my sternum. ------------- I try hard to contain my frailty Within milk teeth and ribs That would dissolve under The slightest change in pressure. I hold it precious with my fingers That crackle and snap Like logs burning. ------------- Shed the nails from the tips of those fingers To stop them from clinging on to the frayed edges of the fabric And to soften the impact on the person that they hold. ------------- It is so warm and inviting To let go and to sink through the seat, To depart the train before it reaches A definite stop
I never gave it that much thought, The moving on, the dusty year. These cluttered objects know me well, My deepest roots, my oldest fears. There are certain things I didn't think I'd grow to love, The noisy thoughts, the smell of mould. There were many sleepless nights, Lay on your side, and please don't cry. I watch the water overflow And sink into the patterned carpet. I watch you standing over there Dripping wet, without your clothes.


Love in Life and Death is the debut album from Jamie Moore (a.k.a. Winnipeg, MN). Recorded across a number of bedrooms in Brighton, the record explores texture, rhythm and folk styles as a vessel for personal writings about the passage of time, the deaths of grandparents, complex love and overwhelming artistic ambition – the want to make something good enough to be remembered.
Influences include David Berman’s music and writing, Phil Elverum (all his stuff is beautiful), Bright Eyes’ ‘I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning’, Talk Talk’s ‘Laughing Stock’, Can, My Bloody Valentine, Sun Kil Moon’s ‘Benji’, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Interpol’s ‘Turn on the Bright Lights’...
...the sea in Brighton, the river Thames, tower blocks of ex council flats, snowy metal benches, moving house and home, long train journeys and Laurie Lee.


released November 11, 2019

All of the parts were performed and recorded by Jamie in his home studio/bedroom/shed (except the drums on track 7, recorded at Small Pond Studios, Brighton) during his time at University. Tracks were written at some point between 2016 and 2019, some being around 3 years old and some 3 months.
All songs written and performed by Jamie Moore
Outside sounds on ‘The Last Thing We Did Here Together’ are the residents of Great Wilkins Halls, Falmer, 2016/17, making dinner, sitting outside, playing sports – whatever you were doing I hope you’re good now – although I realise it’s very unlikely you’ll see this
Mixed by Jamie Moore Mastered by Jamie Moore Distributed by Eyeless Records Acknowledgments
Thanks to Izzy for putting up with my loud noises in our small flat(s); Dave for working on the release with me and being so supportive; kai for the advice – although you may not realise you’ve really given me any; PB for giving me some other brilliant music to work on so I didn’t go nuts finishing this off; my family and friends for listening and coming to shows; and to anybody else who is listening, thank you, it means a lot.
For Bill Gutteridge (grandad) and Estrid Cope (granny).


all rights reserved



Winnipeg, MN Brighton, UK

Slightly weird and mostly slow indie folk from Brighton / London, UK

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